COVID-19: Demand Emergency Income Now!


WHEREAS in these unprecedented times we must place health above all else. No one should be choosing between buying medication and feeding their family and paying rent.

WHEREAS families and individuals need immediate and direct payments to bridge the weeks-long wait for federal support.

THEREFORE we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly
of Ontario
 demand the provincial government include the following measures:

a $250 per child emergency child benefit for households experiencing unemployment or reduced income;

a minimum $1 billion in surge funding for hospitals;

100 per cent provincial funding for Public Health Units;

a fund to provide child care for health care, public health and essential workers;

a Personal Support Worker (PSW) retention fund;

a interest-free utility bill deferrals and the end of Time of Use hydro billing;

a stabilization fund for the non-profit sector – like food banks;

a wage-fund boost and remote-work set up fund to support small and medium-sized businesses, which face much greater challenges now than large businesses;

and a program for ongoing income support for Ontarians throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will you sign?

Ontarians need money to pay the bills and get by now – not weeks or months from now. Support $2,000 Emergency Income now.


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