Demand $1,000 pandemic relief for College and University students


WHEREAS post-secondary students continue to deal with some of the country's highest tuition fees and student debt, compounded by job losses and career uncertainty because of the pandemic.

WHEREAS instead of helping students, the government has cut $700 million in annual support from OSAP

WHEREAS the tuition rebate and exemption of CESB/CERB are only immediate steps to help students in the pandemic.

WHEREAS we need to make Ontario's public colleges and universities affordable again by converting loans to grants and eliminating interest on existing student loans.

THEREFORE we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario demand direct support of $1,000 for all full-time and $500 for all part-time students; an exemption of CESB and CERB payments from OSAP calculations so the provincial government can't claw back federal support for students; and a conversion of OSAP loans to grants and the elimination of interest on existing loans.

Will you sign?

Post secondary students shouldn't be stuck paying the price of the pandemic.


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