Ontario needs to collect Educational Development Charges


WHEREAS in 1998 the former Conservative government passed regulation 20/98 which prohibited school boards from collecting Education Development Charges if they had, what the government deemed as excess capacity in any of their schools;

WHEREAS the regulation allowed boards to use Education Development Charges only to purchase land and not to build or repair schools;

WHEREAS this regulation has meant that developers have been pocketing hundreds of millions in Education Development Charges (EDCs) that should have gone to our schools.

WHEREAS in Toronto, the regulation has meant that EDCs go only to Catholic schools - which get now $2400 per residential unit

WHEREAS both public and Catholic boards need EDCs to purchase land and build schools in Toronto,

WHEREAS the EDC regulation has meant that the former Conservative and Liberal governments pushed school boards to close almost 300 schools across Ontario;

WHEREAS because the TDSB could not access EDCs, the former Conservative and Liberal governments forced the TDSB to close schools in Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough

THEREFORE, we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to: 

  • Ensure all Toronto Schools are able to collect Education Development Charges and use them to repair and expand schools.
  • Commit to changing O.Reg 20/98 and allow Toronto school boards to:
    • Charge developers EDCs to ensure that all developers contribute in a meaningful way to the public infrastructure from which they ultimately profit;
    • Use the money collected via EDCs for not only land acquisition, but also school expansions, retrofits, repairs, and renewal projects.

Will you sign?

Call on the government to collect education development charges from developers to ensure that we are able to build public schools in high-density communities where land value is skyrocketing and repair, retrofit and improve existing school infrastructure.


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